I am a focused and creative programmer with experience in front-end development, digital art and design. I am passionate about emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI and I constantly seek opportunities to learn and grow in the tech industry. My background, both as a programmer and artist, paired with a highly design-conscious mindset, enables me to provide a new perspective and to capitalize on a unique skill set to produce creative solutions in any field.
Currently, I am working at Alcacruz as a Software Engineer on the client team. My responsibilities include mobile and web SDK development, UI design/implementation and various other tasks.

I see the importance of bridging the gap between various fields and through my work I seek to inspire others to think bigger and to embrace interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. I consider combining disciplines a powerful approach to thinking when you see the synergy between them instead of focusing on the differences. Our rapidly changing world gives us opportunities to use new technologies not only to advance ourselves, but also to help and serve others. I believe by using and experimenting with innovative technology we can make a great impact on our global society.

What I do
• Front-end development
• Mobile & Web SDK development
• Team management
• Unity3D development
• Design
• Illustration
• Animation
• C++
• C#
• Objective-C
• Swift
• Python
• Java
• React
• Typescript/Javascript
• Webpack
• Responsive Design
• Next.js
• Web3
• Figma Integration
• Character Design
• Digital Illustration
• 2D Animation
• 3D Modelling and Animation
• Traditional Art

• Unity3D
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Lightroom
• Adobe Premiere
• Maya
• Blender

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